MYANMAR - 29th Anniversary Tour
21st to 30th October 2016

Burma or Myanmar was the choice for the location for the 29th anniversary tour. Following a referendumb, half the team ended up going to Burma and the other half to Myanmar so everyone was happy:

RCdeB full tour photo

Follow their adventures in Steve Weir's excellent Tour Report here.

The intrepid Racing Club team with numerous WaGaDaSs (mostly carers) in tow, set off in October 2016 for yet another hugely successful tour. Success is not always measured by the match scorelines but the win in the last match does mean the RCdeB are already planning their 30th Anniversary tour.


Burma tour
Bagan Pagodas

23 Oct - Yangon

Yangon United Football Club (YUFC)

Flash YUFC 4 - 2 RCdeB


25 Oct – Bagan

Nyaung U Playground

SMC GG Eleven 4 - 3 RCdeB


27 Oct – Inle Lake

Shwe Nyaung Play Ground


Friday 21/10 13:35 Depart Heathrow airport
Saturday 22/10 13:25 Arrive Yangon stay overnight at East Hotel, Deluxe
Sunday 23/10 15:00 Match in Yangon YUFC, stay overnight at East Hotel
Monday 24/10 07:00 Fly to Mandalay, transfer to Bagan overnight at Zfreeti Hotel, Deluxe
Tuesday 25/10 13:00 Match at Nyaung U playground stay overnight at Zfreeti Hotel
Wednesday 26/10 08:35 Flight to Heho boat to Inle Lake overnight at Thanakha Hotel, Deluxe
Thursday 27/10 15:00 Match in Shwe Nyaung playground overnight Thanakha Hotel
Friday 28/10 12:30 Flght to Yangon
Saturday 29/10 17:00 Depart Yangon to Singapore then London
Sunday 30/10 06:00 Arrive London Heathrow