St. George's Old Boys 1966
30th September 2006 - Eton

won 6-4


Back rows: Mike Crane, Will Gubbins, John Hackney, Richard Gubbins, Patrick Vigne, Claudio Salinardi, Peter Knight, Richard Parry, Peter West, Will Ollard, Chris Bain, Chris Davis, Will Shaw, Peter "the Cat" Lane, William Parry, Duke Munday
Front row: Mike Grieve, Mark Jones, Chris Lindsay, Simon Parry, Chris Hough, Karl Plunkett

RCdeB turned out in force to celebrate Peter West's birthday with a match arranged by Simon Parry against old boys (plus 3 offspring all called Will) from St.George's. Divided loyalty for Simon, Pete and a couple of Chrisses who played with RCdeB on tour. True to form St.George's lost as they always used to in the 60s despite playing superbly throughout bar a couple of loose goals from Mark Jones conceded towards the end. As was customary an excuse was discovered and, sure enough, in this instance it was pointed out that RCdeB played 12 men for the entire 1st half. However a good time was had by all and the birthday boy was allowed to score twice for St.George's.

Many thanks to Carolyn Gubbins (wife/mother of St.George's dazzling attack) for supplying photographic evidence of this momentous event.