Match 2 Khandbari
30th October 2012


Match 2 - Khandbari
Pitch at Kandbari

Tuesday 30/10
Khandbari (1,000 m)

RCdeB 5 - 1 Khandbari


Pitch in Khandbari

Being in one the most mountainous countries in the world it was hardly suprising to find the pitch was similarly landscaped.

The game started at 11:00am against the local Khandbari side. We duly shook hands with the team handing them our engraved 25th anniversary tour pens (made in China) noticing that their team was sponsored by BIC. Their goal keeper (5ft ish) gave a startled whoop as he strained his neck up to see our goalie, Willo at (6ft 7). The site of Makalu and Tumlingtar was superb.

Once the match got under way the pitch gave the ball a mind of it's own much to the amusement of the large crowd of supporters who were similarly entertained by any unfortunate player who succumbed to the rough terrain. The ball would frequently disappear off the side and down the mountain into the paddy fields chased by eager young children whilst even more eager children passed a new ball onto the pitch instead.

After 10 mins the ball bumbled it's way towards RCdeB end and ended up in the net. Then the team pulled together and fought back. Ed equalised with a fantastic shot from a back heel pass from Chris then Steve finished the scoring in the 1st half with yet another fine shot this time getting a deflection which passed the excellent goal keeper. The second half saw Karl, Ed header from Piers corner, yet another fantastic result for the RCdeB! 5-1.

Special mention for the incredible goalkeeping skills of the diminutive Kandbari keeper who produced the most excellent display in keeping the score line very respectible. He deserved the man of the match and was awarded some goal keeping gloves by our keeper Willo.