Chichila Match
1st November 2012

Match 3 Chichila

Teams at Chichila

Thursday 1/11
Chichila Village pitch (1,850 m)

RCdeB 5 - 2 Chichila

Although the pitch was the most mountainous and smallest of the pitches we played on it certainly had the most spectacular view with Makalu and Chamlang in full view from the field.

There were a lot of memorable moments notably a heading battle that Willo started with one of their number. The cheers that were produced were spectacular as every time someone headed the ball and/or fell over the customary whoop of delight came from the stands.

As the pitch was quite small we played 9 a side and Chris Hough refereed for the first 60 mins or so before Simon took over for the last 30 mins or so.

Despite their youth, enthusiasm, speed and skill the Chichila side found it hard to actually get the ball into the goal otherwise the scores would have been very different - the exact opposite was true of the RCdeB when James attempted a cross into the area but unfortunately managed to score.