Team prepares for yet another victory - for diplomacy

Glass spider on the coach

Doctors & nurses played here?

If things get tough put Foster in goal

Kiss me & I'll change into a burkha

Shower, shower?

Ancient bottled water

Kilroy never was here

The Jones boy

Coaching session

You could get life for this in Sweden

Amazingly colourful spices abound

Christopher Wray's cafe

James digs deep for some nuts

before or after?

Asian subcontinental...


Action-a football field near you

A genuine stamped grandfather

all genuine natural dye

river washed for fastness

All paths lead to dome

The Dowager Lady West

Unaccompanied minorettes

fancy a cup of tea and a chat?

Too much hubble bubble

Would you let this man fly?

...or this one?

....Wat about...?

Surely not

Depiction of the bloody game