Ayatollahs watch over the Martyrs

full team visiting the mosque

Gateway to Tehran

THE football stadium

Subsidised fuel jam

3 guys relaxing

3 more guys resting

RCdeB come to town

big pitch

The 12 legends pose with friends

David Bailey gets his eye in

William "the puma" Ollard

Mark measuring the pitch

Another dodgy kebab?

Eary grave robber?

0-0 draw so far

...nice flowers

Yep we all used to play for Chelsea

nah Arsenal

haven't seen the oppo yet then?

I'm sure I'm going to score

Puffing Pete...

Piers refreshes the parts...

Museum gate

You are here

Ed's girl

and girls

Ed and Pete share a water

Shar's palace visit

Ben Shirmans



Ed's 1st copter in captivity

Beckham's sitting room

green/pink palace

how much does an Iranian urn?

lovely detail

Jewellery arcade

nice TV

they must've been expecting us

too small for his boots



Supposed to suck not blow...

or the other way around

does my bong look big in this

bring on the Hookahs

Shite mosque

master of disguise

mighty screen saver


bus pass

and for the next contestants

pre amble

new numbers

Line-up and no wall in sight

full compliment..v good number 5

I think we may have lost

fierce guard protects Shiraz

Ah here we are


pillars of society abound

unfinished gateway

ancient push-me-pull-you

tower of Bable

more dodgy kebabs anyone?

only score so far


very fine tablecloth

Piers shares a meal

women out on the tiles

more tea vicar

wot no chichen barbery?

Ed..fahan piazza?

everyone a winner

curving minarettes

nice portico

man of the match

t-shirt pose for police files