Foster takes it in

The crowds start to arrive

Patrick & Johnny get tactics

On side

Guess the result

Simon & Pete cool off

Buddah in Taxilla


Simon addresses the troops

Painting up the bus

Saif takes a long ride

Churchill's Picket

Lunch stop

anyone for cricket?

Almanzar, Dir

Old boys in Soho studio

Male voice choir warms up

Trainee babe-magnet

Too much cloud to fly

can we have our ball back please?

Lowrai pass hairpins

Piers recruits RCdeB juniors

Graham sahib

Ayun farm view

double "d"s

Kalash girls rule

no you cant shower Alberto

the magnificent seven

lining up against the wall

Pre match nerves

spot the Lindsay

picking up some useful moves

more gathering crowds

organ grinder sets up

top view

Saif coaches the subs

football pitch is there somewhere

er.. snow

skate-board park?

Bridge over the river Kway

Diet cokes?

High Commission party

...but they were at least DD