Serena's honoured guests

Jinnah it seats 48700?

Team photo

Presentation 2 - 0

Red lorry ..yellow lorry

Churchill's Picquet

Hotel Almanzar in Dir

Winding road

Sacrifice at Lowari pass

Roof dwellers

1 of interminable secuity stops

Trich Mir 7702m

Kunar river

Ayun school welcome



"Tea" with school milk

classroom window view

Bamburet school in Kalash valley

Jonathan's magnetism in action

Kalash kids

Ayun farm team photo

Deputy High Commissioner Parry..

..inspects the troops

Writting class

Surgeons ready scrubbed up

Emergency ward 10

Wembley way

Kalash kids

Donkey polo


I'd like to say we won, but ...

Trophy for 2/2

Too cloudy to fly?

Ayun football field

Cheats in action