British Club pool

coaching session

Off side

50000 fans get the wrong day

Pete gets nicked

Penalty miss? What penalty miss?

Great result


I'm not paying 10 rupees 4 that

Beautiful hat Graham sahib

Yorkshire puddings

Kalash girl

Who said it would take 29 hours?

No photos please I'm British

Trying out new home strip

Chocolate pudding head


Drifters Andy & Patrick

Almanzar, Dir


Male voice choir warms up

Go get it Floyd!

Too much cloud to fly

Lindsay seamlessly goes native

try mass suicide then


Road repairs while you wait

Kunar river valley

Lovely view out there

Cracking bridge Grommet

Welcome High Commissioner

Ayun dry


4 little mounkies

Its in there ...


Beautiful shot Graham sahib

Pre match nerves

Wembley way

Beckham's pass

Gathering crowds

OK deal, we let you win 2 - 1

The team arrives

Under 11 team

Hindu Kush Heights (dry)

phone box

boarder hat-fixing patrol

More seamless fitting in

Club sandwich

Armless Ed

Compound teams

Mark's fan club-DeeDee 2nd left

3 little maids who are all weary

Someone's been sleeping in my bed

Small boy hijacking jumbo